Look, Listen, & learn
The way children's TV is meant to be.

Collaborators and Partners

Local children. Local venues. Local production.

Auntie Lena and Possum at the Seattle Public Library

Auntie Lena and Possum at the Seattle Public Library

We're seeking local collaborators and partners that foster pride in our cultures and communities.

Look, Listen and Learn is made possible due to our collaborations and community based partnerships.

Collaborators provide venue space, materials and production elements for our television segments filming purposes. Our partnerships are our very own ‘town criers’ or community messengers. They share in our promotional outreach efforts and provide access to children, families and civic institutions who are committed to equity and educational justice.

Current Collaborators Include:

  • Seattle Children’s Museum provides space for filming our art segments.  As a part of our partnership, the museum also offers free/discounted entry to the children and families who participate.

  • Seattle Public Libraries provide space to film the reading segments and their librarians go in front of the camera to read to children.

  • Thistle Theatre is a key LLL partner, providing expert puppetry for the TV series, and live shows featuring Possum and Auntie Lena in child- and family-friendly venues around the region.

  • North by Northwest is a multifaceted digital studio and premier production company that films the Look, Listen and Learn television series.

  • PCC is the nation’s largest community-owned food market, and provides LLL with Nutritionists and healthy food options for our cooking segments.

  • Seattle Cucina leads creative, hands-on cooking classes and offers teachers for LLL’s cooking segments.

Current Partnerships:

  • Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center is a land base and community center for Native Americans in the Seattle area, and United Indians’ headquarters.

  • Denise Louie provides high-quality multicultural early learning and family support services so that Seattle kids will be ready to succeed in school and life.

  • First Place Schools is a private nonprofit located in Seattle's Central District. They serve children and families with a holistic program of culturally competent educational and support services.

If your organization is interested in becoming an LLL collaborator or partner, contact us at info@looklistenandlearn.org.

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