Look, Listen, & learn
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Bridging the gap.


Look, Listen and Learn is giving a shout-out in deep gratitude to those taking action to invest in bridging the early learning gap by investing with us in our work. Your support:

  • Helps create a fun and educational program featuring those not included in traditional educational media

  • Fosters community wisdom and collaborations in King County

  • Supports early learning brain development

  • Forwards racial equity and social justice

  • Sustains the high production value of LLL’s show

  • Ninona Boujrada

  • Carol Balousek

  • Mai Phuong L. Bui

  • Kalayaan Domingo

  • Aselefech Evans

  • Victoria E. Garcia

  • Shontrana Gates-Wertman

  • Christian Hawthorne

  • Asa Irwin

  • Lisa Johnson

  • Fidel Marcos

  • Brian Saelens

  • David Sieminski

  • Amelia Swinton

  • Karen Winston