Look, Listen, & learn
The way children's TV is meant to be.

Our Approach

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Our vision is to create a fun and educational program featuring those not included in traditional media. Our goal is to shift the values that children receive in media by seeing that all types of children and adults enjoy learning. Viewers will see themselves positively reflected in LLL, which can help build greater confidence and pride - essential elements in a child’s readiness to learn.

In the loving tradition of Mr. Rogers, Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, LLL’s Auntie Lena and her puppet sidekick Possum create playful learning experiences and interact with young children from local preschools. Filmed at libraries, parks and museums, children and families watch and learn about venues that they can visit to create their own play and learning experiences.

The Look, Listen and Learn Advisory Board of parents and educators provide script oversight using the Washington State Early Learning Standards to guide developmentally appropriate content.

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Areas of Focus

Enriched Early Learning

We use current early learning research to create developmentally appropriate show segments and scripts that build the social, emotional and cognitive skills that are critical for its young audience to succeed in school.

Addressing the Achievement Gap

Our mission to promote school readiness and success in Black and Indigenous children and children of color is rooted in evidence of a long-standing achievement gap in Washington State. LLL can narrow this gap by providing children of color not only with skills and knowledge, but also a positive representation of diversity where they can envision themselves learning and having fun.

Community Collaboration

We prioritize partnerships with community organizations, providing parents, caregivers and children with local resources where they can create their own learning experiences. Direct feedback and input from community members is also a core element of Look, Listen and Learn show development.