Look, Listen, & learn
The way children's TV is meant to be.

Look, listen & learn

Smart. Local. Accessible.


Auntie Lena & Possum

All children and families deserve access to early learning resources to build the pre-academic, social and emotional skills. With LLL's Auntie Lena & Possum, the children of King County can access resource in a fun, educational experience.

Go behind the scenes of Look, Listen and Learn, King County's newest early learning solution, with Auntie Lena and Possum! Learn more about the mission of Look, Listen and Learn at our website, www.looklistenandlearn.org.


The latest brain development research to inspire learning, creativity and child development.


Early learning programming on public TV stations with exclusive ability to air episodes many times a day.


Available on commercial-free TV that all families can access. Television is our tool to help parents enrich children's early learning in the home.


So excited to announce that we have received funding to produce LLL. We’re working on strategic planning and will begin filming in Spring 2019!

Stay tuned for more updates.

made possible by the Best Starts for kids innovation grant