The way children's TV is meant to be.


A new concept in public television.

Who We Are 

Look, Listen and Learn is a new concept in public access television: an educational show aimed at children ages 3-6 in King County. With program activities focused on early childhood education and skill development, Look, Listen and Learn’s focus is to increase opportunities for children to prepare for school and ensure that children enter school ready to learn and able to succeed.

We do this by utilizing television as a learning tool to reach out to those King County children and families where early learning is not emphasized in the home, providing greater access to early learning principles.

The program will:

  • emphasize simple sentences
  • enhance language and pre-literacy skills-vocabulary
  • repeat key terms
  • build upmodel critical social and academic skills for this young audience
  • connect children, parents and caregivers with local early learning resources where they can create playful learning experiences together and promote healthy eating and physical activity.

Our Mission

To produce a local children's television show that enriches early learning and school readiness grounded in brain development research

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Who We Serve

  • Children in King County ages 3-6
  • Parents and caregivers looking to enrich their children's school readiness
  • English language learners


Look, Listen and Learn is the way children's television is meant to be. Smart. Local. Accessible.


The latest brain development research to inspire learning, creativity and child development.


Early learning programming on public TV stations with exclusive ability to air episodes many times a day.


Available via commercial-free TV stations that all families can access. We use television as a tool to help parents enrich their children's early learning in their homes.